Here at Tata Italia security it’s our top priority. Even more when it’s about payments and personal data treatment.

In order to guarantee the highest level of security and your safety while using our services, all payments and transactions made through our website are managed by state-of-art online payment systems:
we use payment gateways provided by Multisafepay and PayPal, both leaders and pioneers in the e-commerce industry.

Thanks to the SLL protocol used to encrypt the connection from your browser to their servers, these services allow you to place orders in a completely safe environment.

Here there are payment methods currently accepted:

We are constantly working in developing integration with new payments provider, so the list will be constantly updated.


If one between Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, PostePay, CartaSì is selected at the checkout, you will be allowed to use your credit or debit card to pay your orders.

We accept the most common credit and debit card in Europe in order to provide the most flexible service possible and to be sure to be able to match your needs.

Always with an eye on security, we set up our system to accept card payments only if the strong authentication (or 2FA - 2 factors authentication) is enabled on the card used. Visa and MasterCard named their two factor access systems, respectively “3-D Secure Verified by Visa” e “MasterCard  SecureCode”.

In addition, after the european instruction “PSD2”, banks are required to ask strong authentication during an online payment. More information can be found ad the following official page of the European Central Bank website.

If your card is not enabled with a 2FA system, once the payment is done, the order will not be authomatically created. It will go in a “pending” status that has to be authorized (or declined) by our staff.

Our team will be notified accordingly, and will start the verification process to ensure whether transaction is or not trustable. We reserve the right to ask photo of the card used i and/or copy of the ID of the card owner and/or photo of the card owner to complete our inquiry. We will then proceed in accepting or denying the purchase. Please note the process can take up do 7 working days.

However, 2FA is in mandatory over certain values. In such cases, if not enabled, you will not be able to place your order. Even in a “pending” status.


When PayPal is selected, you will be redirected on their offical website. There you will be able to login to your personal PayPal account with your own user and password, and select the bank account or card, previously linked, where you want the order to be charged.
Please note we reserve the right to reject payments from PayPal accounts not verified. Furthermore we reserve the right to ship your order at the shipping adress saved in your PayPal account.

If you are not a PayPal user but still want to use their gateway, you can do so by skipping the login and moving right after the password box. You will see a button “Pay with credit or debit card”. If selected you will be     able to use your card in the PayPal gateway even without having an account.


If you don’t feel confident in using your credit or debit cards on the internet, of if you simply would prefer to pay your online shopping with a bank transfer, you can do so by selecting “SOFORT Banking” as payment method.

Once selected you will be asked to select your bank, and then to enter your home banking credentials. Then an irreversible bank transfer will be issued from your account, and the order will be authomatically created.
What you will see on your bank account will be a charge similar to a regular bank transfer, with the only difference it’s irrevocable just right after issued.


If you are an Apple User and you have loaded in your iCloud account at least one credit or debit card, you can use Apple Pay to place your order on our website.
To use such form of payment, it’s necessary to visit our website from the browser Safari and to be logged in in your iCloud account.


In case of returns or in general whenever it’s required for us to issue a refund, we will always proceed by partially or fully cancelling the original purchasing transaction. That means that the refund method will be the very same of the purchase method.

That also means that the time required for the reimbourse to be visibile in your bank account or plafond, may vary based on the original form of payment.
In general, however, whatever payment method has been choosen, it can take from few (working) days to several weeks to re-obtain the amount in your availability.

When the refund is issued by our office, you will be notified accordingly.
From that moment Tata Italia is not able in any case to speed up the reimburse process. If you need more information on this, you are kindly aked to contact your bank.


An encrypted connection from your device to the payments system’s servers, will be created while performing every transaction. This ensure your safety and the discrection of data inserted.

Tata Italia does not and will never have access to your payment informations such as card numbers, bank account numbers and or pin or passwords.

All these informations are inserted by the user directly in the payment provider system and fully managed by them.
Tata Italia only receive an “OK” or “KO” notification about payments, so the system can proceed or not in creating the order.