If your purchase doesn’t meet your expectations, or if you selected a wrong size and need a raplacement, you are welcome to return your order within 14 days from the delivery.

Returns can be made free of charge in one of our directly managed shops.

If you are not able to reach one of our shops you can return your order by courier, shipping at our office. In such case shipping costs and arrangement must be made by the customer.

Please check the nearest enabled shop in the map at the bottom of this page.

Return Office Adress:

TATA ITALIA S.p.A. – Online Store
Strada Provinciale 231 Km. 5,200
70032 Bitonto (BA) – Italy


Whatever is the return method you choosed, a return application must first be opened.

Just follow these simple steps:

1 – In your account, find the section “Returns and reports” 

2 – Click on the link “Click here to start the return procedure.” And then select the order / article you want to return

3 – In the notes field, kindly write down following informations:

  • The shop you are going to return the purchase to or if you are going to ship it.

  • The reason behind your return.
    Maybe the products didn’t meet your expectations? Or a wrong size has been selected?
    Or maybe there was some defect on the product? Any comments in this direction are really appreciated!

  • Do you need a replacement?
    Replacement are allowed free of charge for new size or colour. In such case we will ship free of charge new article once the original has been returned

  • Are you asking a refund?
    Refund are issued by cancelling the purchasing payment transaction. We can also charge the amount has a credit on our website if you plan to place new orders.

4 – Once the application is issued, kindly wait for our acknowledgment before proceed with returning.



  • From our acknowledgment, you must present (or ship) goods within 7 days. Otherwise your return application will be not processed. In such cases refund cannot be issued and the customer have to pick up returned articles on their expense.
  •        Returned goods must be in the same condition as received. If you are going to ship the order back, you can use the original boxing or use an alternative one with the same robustness;
  •         If the return is made in one of our shops, you are welcome to change on spot the original article with a new one of the same value, even if you asked for a refund in the application;

  •        We will not be able to accept or handle returns made without our acknowledgement (point 4) or which products have been evidently used.
    In such cases refund cannot be issued and the customer have to pick up returned articles on their expense.

  •      Any shipping costs occurred in the purchase process are not refundable in case of return




If the product you received is flawed enter to your personal area " MY ACCOUNT " and select " after sale " or contact our customer service customer care

Once the damage occurred we will refund or change the item.


After receiving and checking your return , we will refund you ..

In any case, the refund will take place a few days later than the confirmation of your return.

For any questions please do not hesitate to contact our customer service customer care